Lawn mowing weeding in Glen Waverley
Lawn mowing and garden care in Glen Waverley
Lawn mowing and garden maintenance in Glen Waverley

Weeds compete with plants for water and nutritients and if left to flourish, can not only impact ornamental plant growth, also host pests and disease. Goodwin Gardening can help keep troublesome and unsightly weeds in check.

Mulch is your garden's friend! It smothers and inhibits the growth of weeds, conserves water, keeps plant roots cool and moist in summer, plus it looks great! Goodwin Gardening can supply and spread organic, eco-friendly, biodegradable mulch.

If you are planning to leave home for a extended periods and are worried about your garden, Goodwin Gardening can visit to not only keep your lawns neat and tidy, but also water your plants and vegetable garden (if you have one) while you're away. Scott is fully qualified so you can rest assured your garden will be well cared for!

Phone Scott on 0419 279 287 for a free property assessment and quote.
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